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 MCC Vietnam is closing, but its story continues. 

For just over 65 years—from 1954 to 2020—Mennonite Central Committee operated a wide variety of development and peacebuilding projects in Việt Nam. 

From the dirt paths of war-torn Quảng Ngãi to the superhighways of modern Hà Nội, MCC has changed and been changed by its work in Việt Nam. 

Though MCC Việt Nam is closing, the thousands of lives improved and changed by MCC Việt Nam's work are worth celebrating and remembering. This site is a place to keep these stories alive.

This gathering of reflections, essays, poems, and stories features more than 30 authors and their experiences with MCC Việt Nam, from its earliest days to its last.

This archive seeks to guide readers to a few of the books and histories relating to MCC Việt Nam that have been written since 1954.  

Book cover v5.2.jpg

This bilingual overview of MCC Vietnam's programs, published in July 2020, is an easy-to-engage introduction to MCC Việt Nam's work and its intersection with Việt Nam's history. With more than 100 pictures from MCC's 65 years in Việt Nam and a light, readable format, this book is great both for people familiar with MCC Việt Nam and for casual readers.

Available for free upon request. Write to Donations to MCC to cover shipping and handling will be suggested.

Don't know where to begin? Start with  A Timeline of Recent Vietnamese History

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