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This project would not have been possible were it not for the ​contributions of dozens of wonderful people, many of whom have given years of their lives to the causes of peace, a more just world, and reconciliation between the U.S. and Việt Nam.


Thanks to Josh and Beth Kvernen for supplying a home-away-from-home in Hà Nội and for your friendship and guidance in Việt Nam and beyond.

Thanks to everyone at Nhà Xuất Bản Thế Giới, especially Mr. Long, English department director extraordinaire, and Mr. Lâm, the smartest person I know.

Thanks to Lợi and the whole Nguyễn family for introducing me to Hà Nội and making me a part of your family. 

Thanks to Đinh Thị Vinh, who provided significant content guidance as well as Vietnamese language support.

Thanks as well to Dan Wessner, who provided excellent critical feedback on an early draft of this project. 

Thanks to all my friends in Hà Nội, including but not limited to: Thị, who taught me to love the Vietnamese language; Dức, my fellow Arsenal fan and brother in Christ; Hà, Hà Anh, Mi, and many other friends from Tiếng Việt Ơi who taught me to love Hà Nội; Eva and Natasha, my partners-in-proverbial-crime; and Rachel and David Coley and the many friends of Hanoi International Church.

Lastly, thanks to Eva and Nikolai Mazharenko, who believed in me and this project far before I did and who went to bat for this project time after time. 



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